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End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story
review by Lindsay-Marie

My first exposure to The Dears was through Much Music; when I saw the video for This is a Broadcast, but my interest wasn't really peaked until I saw the video for the album's title track and it was then that I finally decided to buy their album.. It is definitely one of the best albums I've heard ina while - there are no bad songs; only good ones and better ones! Though it only has 8 tracks and is under 45 minutes, the songs are grogeous and possess the quality that longer releases may lack. I've listened to it so much I've nearly memorized it and I feel the need to copy it for anyone and everyone! So rush to buy a copy if you don't already have it - it's definitely worth it..


Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique
review by Lindsay-Marie

This first EP in a series of two is certainly intriguing.. It's not too much of a departure from End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story, but it does come across as filled with a bit more despair and resolution. Heathrow or Deathrow is a drivign force, with instruments going mad.. Autotomy is reserved and then sweeps into sounds reminiscent of Air.. No Return turns classic pop into a huge production, complete with lush vocals and Acoustic Guitar Phase goes as low as possible, slowing down to an almost Mogwai-like pace. Music like this makes people feel like their the star of their own movies, it provides a soundtrack to life.. Can't wait to hear what the second EP has to offer!